#100DaysOfCloud Twitter Spaces! 100 Cloud Talks!


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๐Ÿšง This page is a Work In Progress.

Here is a list of upcoming Twitter Spaces. The plan is to do 100 Twitter Spaces because why not?.


  • How are talks structured?
  • Are these Twitter Spaces for beginners or experts?
  • How long are these Twitter Spaces?
  • What day do the Twitter Spaces occur?
  • What time of day are these Twitter Spaces?
  • Can anyone who attend speak? Are listeners allowed to ask questions?
  • I want to a speaker but I was never asked, can I request to be a speaker?
  • I missed the Twitter Space, are these recorded and where can I watch them?
  • Will you ever do the same topic twice?
  • What are the rules? Is their a CoC?

How are talks structured?

Andrew the host will drive the conversation by asking questions. Speakers will reply.

There are suggestion questions, but this is an organic conversation, and we're hoping for attendees questions but most attendees like to listen.

Andrew can interrupt speakers at anytime

Its encouraged for guest speakers to raise their hand to queue for reply

For guest speakers watch for raised hands or allow for artificial pauses to allow another guest speaker to get a turn.

Are these Twitter Spaces for beginners or experts?

#100DaysOfCloud community is focused on beginners. Our Twitter Spaces will contain experts but we are looking to answer fundamental knowledge across a wide range of topics.

How long are these Twitter Spaces?

~45 mins (30 minutes to 1 hour).

What day do the Twitter Spaces occur?

Since we are planning 100 Twitter Spaces, they will be frequently. There is no set schedule eg. every Wednesday. We will be populating a public calendar for anyone to access, and you can get a reminder via Twitter since we'll post them a bit of ahead of time.

What time of day are these Twitter Spaces?

The time of day will vary. We have three possible slots for a talk. The reason is because some of the speakers live in different time-zones and we want to cycle our time of day to ensure people in different parts of the world have the opportunity to attend. This doesn't mean a talk will be repeated multiple times, but that our talks will all over the place.

Morning Talk (10:00am ET)

other time zones for references

  • 7:00am PT
  • 3:00pm BST
  • 7:30PM IST

Afternoon Talk (3:00pm ET)

other time zones for reference

  • Noon PST
  • 8:00pm BST
  • 12:30am IST

Night Talk (9pm ET)

other time zones for reference

  • 6pm PT
  • 2:00am BST
  • 6:30am IST

Can anyone who attend speak? Are listeners allowed to ask questions?

The Twitter Space is a panel of approved speakers between 1 and 3 (4 if you include the host). Listeners can request to speak to ask a question, and must raise their hand and request to speak. After they ask their question they are put back to being a speaker.

If there is a known expert for the topic in question that shows up, and the panel is small, we may promote them to a speaker for the rest of the panel.

I want to a speaker but I was never asked, can I request to be a speaker?

Direct Message Andrew Brown on Twitter.

I missed the Twitter Space, are these recorded and where can I watch them?

The recordings will be saved, but we are uncertain of the effort or technical challenges to save and upload them all, and will be polling the guest speakers. For the time being, if you want to hear a talk you need to attend in real-time.

Will you ever do the same topic twice?

If the demand is their by speakers or the community in general we can repeat a topic so new people have an opportunity to participate in speaking and listening.

What are the rules? Is their a CoC?

100DaysOfCloud has a Code of Conduct. Generally just be respectful of other technologies. Try to limit swearing but aren't going to kick a speaker for doing so. Try not to be too devise or keep driving a point after its been made. Try and use gender-neutral language to the best of your ability.

๐Ÿ“‹ List of Planned Twitter Spaces

This is a list of planned twitter spaces. The order does not represent the order in which they will happen. The questions listed are just suggestions and do not reflect the actual content of the talks. Until they are put on the calendar, the guest speakers and topic details can change.

If you want to see a Cloud talk that is not listed, please suggest so we can get 100 ideas! (42/100)

  1. What can we do with Minor Clouds?
  2. Infrastructure as Code
  3. CI/CD Pipelinees
  4. Serverless Platform as a Service
  5. Web3 vs Cloud
  6. Cloud Development Environments
  7. Cloud Security for Beginners
  8. Azure for Beginners
  9. GCP for Beginners
  10. AWS for Beginners
  11. DevOps for Beginners 1.K8 for Beginners
  12. Containers for Beginners
  13. Serverless for Beginners
  14. Cloud Networking for Beginners
  15. What can we do with Cloud Platforms?
  16. Linux/UNIX knowledge for Cloud
  17. Programming Skills needed for Cloud
  18. Cloud Certifications
  19. Cloud Roles 1.Burning Platforms and Digital Transformation
  20. Cloud Cost Economics
  21. PublicSector for Cloud
  22. Cloud Governance
  23. Hybrid Cloud
  24. Virtualization and Cloud
  25. Cloud Motiviated
  26. Cloud for Newcomers
  27. Cloud for Latecomers
  28. Cloud for Notechers
  29. Cloud Accessiblity
  30. Identity for Cloud
  31. Cloud Conferences
  32. MLOps for Beginners
  33. Cloud Data For Beginners
  34. Learning in the Open
  35. OpenSource for Cloud
  36. Cloud Fundamentals
  37. Cloud Resumes
  38. Cloud Recruiters
  39. Cloud Enterprise
  40. Multi-Cloud
  41. Climbing The Company Ladder
  42. Cloud Projects

What can we do with Minor Clouds?

Everybody knows about AWS, Azure and GCP but what about the minor clouds? eg Vultr, Linode and Digital Ocean?

I am talking with Vlad Ionescu and Sathyajith Bhat on Twitter Spaces about our experiences where these minor cloud providers and their fit for your cloud workloads.


  1. We know of Major providers eg. Azure, AWS and GCP. There are also many emerging or existing cloud service providers with few services around a core offering. Should these providers be considered their minor cloud service providers, or are they the cloud platforms?
  2. How many Minor Cloud Service Providers (mCSPs) currently exist?
  3. Do they a specific edge or specialization that can be met or are they simply cost-effective with few services and a friendlier UI?
  4. What can't you do on a Major Cloud Service Provider (MCSP) vs a Minor Cloud Service Provider? (mCSP)
  5. What can't you do on a mCSP that you can do on a MCSP?
  6. How hard is it to migrate from a mCSP to a CSP? Suppose you envision massive scale or major regulatory compliance in the future roadmap. Is it worth the initial agility on mCSP, or should we just be using a CSP at the start?
  7. Do mCSP even have IaC?

Cloud Networking for Beginners


  1. There is IT Networking and Cloud Networking. Are they the same thing, or are they different skill sets?
  2. Is Cloud Networking a common obstacle to adopting the cloud for developers or companies in general?
  3. Do you need to hold a Cisco Certification eg. Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)?
  4. If someone that holds a CCNA or has a background in IT Networking will be super-powered on Cloud Networking, will it be so different their skills will not translate?
  5. Does Cloud Networking abstract away networking to the point you don't need specialized IT Networkers?
  6. How little networking can I know to work in the cloud?
  7. How do I learn cloud networking and how long is it going to take?
  8. What is the career path for someone with cloud networking skills? Is their specialization or is it just table stakes?

Infrastructure as Code

  • What is IaC?
  • What IaC tools exists?
  • Who is leader for IaC tooling?
  • How hard it is to learn IaC?
  • What kind of workflows does IaC bring? eg. GitOps, Infrastructure Lifecycle

CI/CD Pipelinees

  • What is CI/CD?
  • What are self-hosted options?
  • What are the free-ish options?
  • What are the paid options?

Serverless Platform as a Service (SPaS)

  • What are these PaaS built around an opinionated serverless frameworks?
    • Serverless Cloud
    • AWS Amplify
    • Supabase
    • Firebase

Web3 vs Cloud

  • What is Web3?
  • Does Web3 use the cloud?
  • Is Blockchain on AWS centralized?
  • Will Web3 replace Cloud?
  • Does Web3 and Cloud compliment or complete?
  • Will the future be a centralized Web3 owned by CSPs and Tech Companies or a Web3 owned by the community and Cloud adopts tho that?

Cloud Development Environments

eg. Gitpods, Codespaces, Cloud9

  • What is the cost to run a cloud development environment?
  • What "cant" I do with a cloud development environment?
  • Which cloud development environment is best for collaboration?
  • What happens if my internet goes down?
  • Is it possible to adopt cloud development environment for my entire team or is this for individual?
  • Is VSCode the only option for Cloud Developer Environments?

Cloud Security for Beginners

  • Do I have to apprentice to get into Cloud Security?
  • Do I have to complete expensive certifications to get into Cloud Security?
  • So many initialism and security tools, Which ones do I need to know?
  • Is there a demand for Cloud Security Engineer or Security roles?
  • How do I get deeper into the Cloud Security community?

Azure for Beginners

  • What learning resources should I use?
  • Should I get certified or not?
  • If so what should my certification path look like?
  • What are essentials thing I should learn to get a job?
  • How do I get deeper into the Azure community?

GCP for Beginners

  • What learning resources should I use?
  • Should I get certified or not?
  • If so what should my certification path look like?
  • What are essentials thing I should learn to get a job?
  • How do I get deeper into the Google Cloud community?

  • How much does it cost to use to GCP?

  • IS GCP good as a first-cloud or should I start with something simpler?
  • Is it worth it to get Google Cloud Certified?
  • If so what should my certification path look like?
  • Does GCP excel very well at specific types of cloud workloads?
  • Are there specific industeries that specifically choose GCP over other Cloud Service Providers? eg. Health, AI/ML?
  • What is GCPs approach to the cloud, how does GCP think about cloud?
  • GCP has a total of count of cloud services around 100 which half of its competitors, does this equate to a reduce service offering, a stronger focus around common workloads excluding exotic workloads or just the way GCP organized or counts something as a "service" eg. AWS will promote features into services inflating their service count offering
  • What learning resources should I use?
  • Does AWS have any Google Cloud Developer communities eg. AWS User Groups, Azure User Groups.
  • Is GCP easier to use than other Cloud Service Providers?
  • How is GCP tackling sustainability?

AWS for Beginners

  • What learning resources should I use?
  • Should I get certified or not?
  • If so what should my certification path look like?
  • What are essentials thing I should learn to get a job?
  • How do I get deeper into the AWS community?

DevOps for Beginners

  • What is DevOps?
  • Can I learn DevOps on my own or the only way in working at a company getting experience?
  • Do I need to know networking?
  • Do I need to know programming?
  • Do I have be on call and wake in the middle of the night?
  • Do I get to be in a datacenter and get a cool badge going through multiple security stages?
  • How much security do I need to know?

K8 for Beginners

  • Should I learn K8?
  • Why is K8 popular?
  • Is K8 hard to learn?
  • Where should I host by K8 cluster?
  • When should you NOT use K8
  • What learning resources would be good for K8?

Containers for Beginners

  • What kind of Container runtimes exist?
  • How much harder are containers vs VMs?
  • Docker vs Podman vs K8
  • Where can or should I run my containers?
  • Why not just use serverless instead of containers?
  • What tools make easier to build and CI/CD containers?
  • Where should I store my containers?

Serverless for Beginners

  • What is Serverless? Can it be defined?
  • Which CSP should I use for Severless?
  • Which Sereverless Framework or tool should I use?
  • How do you deploy for serverless?
  • How do you architect for serverless?
  • What is serverless?
  • What is a serverless function (vs a lambda)?
  • Does it take longer time to build a serverless app than a traditional app?
  • How does a serverless database work differently than a traditional database?
  • I heard serverless is cheaper, that it can scale to zero, is it true?
  • What technoloy, langauges, frameworks are you using to build an app?
  • What is a big challenge with serverless for adoption? (local development)
  • There is lot of experts using things like CQRS, Hexagon patterns, Single Table Design, Do I have to use all this stuff to get started? Will I be using serverless wrong if I mix in traditional tech like I'm use to?
  • Are using opionated serverless frameworks and platforms like Supabase, Amplify or Firebase a good or bad idea?

What can we do with Cloud Platforms?

  • Whats the difference between a cloud platform and a CSP?

Linux/UNIX knowledge for Cloud

  • Which Unix distrubtionis most popular
  • Is there a reason I should use a CSP distro eg. Amazon Lunx
  • What are the essential linux skills I need to know?
  • What Linux distros do cloud providers generally have?
  • Which Linux distros are supported, which ones should you avoid?

Programming Skills needed for Cloud

  • How much programming do I need to know to work with cloud?
  • What languages should I learn?
  • Can I have a cloud role and not program?

Cloud Certifications

  • Expert Questions by Multi-Certification holders
  • Is Alibaba, Oracle Cloud or OpenStack worth?
  • How transferable is certification knowledge to other certifications in different clouds?
  • Who is hiring based on certifications
  • Can you learn them all?

Cloud Roles

  • What are they, want do the mean
  • How do I get that that title?

Burning Platforms and Digital Transformation

  • Predicting the future of cloud

Cloud Cost Economics

  • How to use the cloud and be frugal
  • What are common cost traps early on?
  • What cost traps that happen later on?
  • What do I do if my bill is exploding?
  • How do I stay on top of my bill?
  • What's the best way to visualize common costs?

How to be creative in the age of cloud

  • Write something creative here!

Public Sector for Cloud

  • How does the government use the cloud?
  • What do I need to get to work in the Public Sector for cloud? Certifications...
  • How hard is it to build workloads that can be used by Cloud eg. GovCloud

Cloud Governance

  • How do mange cloud at the organizational level?

Hybrid Cloud

  • How do I gain hybrid experience when I don't work for an enterprise with its own datacenter?
  • How can I run my own little on-premise to simulate hybrid connections
  • Is their still a demand for traditional skills or are all the Hybrid jobs for the people who already worked on-premise and transitioned to cloud?

Virtualization and Cloud

  • What do I need to know about VMs?
  • Where do I learn about VMs?
  • Are VMs going to be around or are they going to vanish soon eg. Containers and Serverless

AWS vs Azure vs GCP?

  • Which is the best for beginners
  • Which is the best for long-term careers?
  • Can you learn them all at once or just learn one?

Cloud Motivated

  • How do you stay motivated during your entire journey?

Cloud for Newcomers

  • How do you break into cloud when your a fresh college or university graduate?

Cloud for Latecomers

  • How do you break into cloud when your 30+, 40+, 50+ and beyond?

Cloud for Notechers

  • How do transition to cloud with no background in technology whatsoever?

Cloud Accessibility

  • Is cloud careers, cloud giants and cloud technology accessible?

Cloud for Teens

  • When's the right time to be teaching cloud?
  • How do make it fun?
  • How do we keep young folks interested and engaged?

Identity for Cloud

  • Zero Trust Model
  • Redefining security boundaries
    • the new mobile workforce
  • how much is too much monitor of employees of security?
  • BeyondCorp, JumpCloud, Azure AD
  • Does SSO make a big difference for companies?

Cloud Conferences

  • Is re:Invent, Microsoft Ignite, Google Next worth it?
  • Do online conference work?
  • How to get your company to pay your ticket
  • How to make best use of your time?
  • Online vs In-Person what's the big difference?

MLOps for Beginners

  • Do I really need to know ML? ML vs MLOps.
  • Is it expensive to learn MLOps

Cloud Data For Beginners

  • Where BI meets the cloud datastores.
  • Should I use a mix of CSPs?
  • It is easy to become a Data Engineers, Data Analytics, Data Scientist

Learning in the Open

  • How learning in the open will help you with your career and your cloud journey.
  • What structured things are out there?

Open Source for Cloud

  • When to use an open-source backed system over a cloud service
  • Fully Managed Open-source cloud services or run on your own VM?

Cloud Fundamentals

  • Should experts learn the fundamentals?
  • What is considered complete for cloud fundamentals?

Cloud Resumes

  • LinkedIn
  • Polywork
  • the old-fashion resume
  • what should we be doing for cloud to optimize?

Cloud Recruiters

  • Who are they?
  • How do you get their attention?
  • How do you know they are legit?
  • Should you work with them to get a job?
  • Do all cloud recruiters take a cut of your salary?
  • Any other tips?

Cloud Enterprise

  • How do we get big companies in the cloud?
  • What do you need to know to work in enterprise and cloud that is different from a startup?
  • What are challenges Enterprises facing in the cloud different from smaller companies?
  • What has been the most interesting thing Enterprises have been doing with the cloud?


  • Is it multi-cloud if you are using workloads in isolate?
  • Services that make multi-cloud easy
  • Common multi-cloud strategies
  • Is multi-cloud about using open-source systems across multiple cloud?
  • Is multi-cloud expensive?

Climbing The Tech Company Ladder

  • How do you go from Tech Support Desk to Cloud Engineer?

Cloud Bootcamps

  • Who's doing them?
  • Are they work the money?
  • What is a reasonable outcome?

Cloud Projects

  • What makes a good cloud project for a resume?
  • What are

Secrets of Cloud Spend

  • Is setting a Budget or Billing alarm enough to stay on top of your bill? eg. at our company its not enough and we have to schedule an event every month with at least two people. One to review one to hold the other accountable for spend
  • Is Multi-cloud a billing trap? eg. Ingress and Outgress costs, you are dropping the best-of-breed?
  • Do CSPs have sane defaults where are the traps? eg. When you launch an RDS its setup for production costs by default and takes some work to get to free tier
  • Should all CSPs have an initial sandbox? eg. Should experecing an overbilling incident and getting refunded be part of the learning experience?
  • Our CSPS and Cloud Platforms good or evil about billing eg.
    • DataDog makes it hard to open a support ticket, they don't offer paid support so you can't escluate a billing incident, their marketing page obscure the cost of services and requires digging, its not easy to understand the breakdown of costs. You have to make a stink to get back a refund which you would expect not to be your fault.
  • Should people be considering Second or Third Tier providers to control spend?
  • There is the concept of technical debt and running into a technical debt-end, is it the same with spend? eg. When a company scales is it truley possible to get stuck with an expensive service you can't rip out? any examples? What is causing the pull?
  • What is the underlying reason of cost? eg. is it Data Gravity wells? eg. is it a company that wants to do and use everything in everying? eg. it is Shadow IT? People want agility but they don't go through a centeralized tech dep
  • Should companies sit down an create a spend roadmap? It is something they can do on their own, or should they have a Cloud Economist just like having an Accouantant?
  • Is Cloud Economist services only really avaliable to larger companies or is their smaller providers eg. Accounting Firm vs Single Accountant