Welcoming Antonio Lo Fiego to the Core-Team

Welcoming Antonio Lo Fiego to the Core-Team


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We are very excited to welcome Antonio Lo Fiego to the #100DaysofCloud Core-Team ๐ŸŽ‰

What is #100DaysOfCloud?

#100DaysOfCloud is an open source community, inspired by Alex Kallaway's #100DaysofX challenges. This community strives to provide both technical and non-technical people with tools and resources related to Cloud technologies.

We do this by building and fostering an accessible platform and a strong network of professionals from all levels. This holds space for journeyers to get both technical help and personal support, as well as projects to complete in order to enhance their real-world skills.

What is a Core Member?

Core members of the #100DaysofCloud lead the direction of the project, contribute to its overall infrastructure and work to create a diverse and inclusive community. Core members are expected to attend Core meetings and create actionable goals in a defined area of the community and meet them each quarter.

As a team, we have defined prerequisites we consider before inviting someone to join the Core Team. These are:

  • 90 days of activity
  • Doing a "big give"
  • Accept terms of service
  • Demonstrate inclusion, diversity, and friendliness

Why join Core?

Joining Core is an opportunity to have a consistent contribution to a community that we all find useful and welcoming.

It's also a chance to shape new ways to provide accessibility, encouragement, and community to the cloud computing space for an ever-growing number of people (900+ Journeyers in the Discord!).

Who is Antonio?

Portrait of Antoni

Antonio is a Data Scientist turned Cloud Engineer.

Even though most of his education is in business-oriented disciplines, he found himself building software in every step of his career. When the tools learned in school were not enough to solve a task, he turned his eye to online learning and hands-on experimentation. These forays led him to learn cool technologies like Docker, React, Python, Node.js, and others.

He ultimately fell in love with the AWS world after having to unsuccessfully tinker with it during an internship. He is now a Certified Solutions Architect, living and breathing everything AWS and focused on making Cloud literacy accessible to everyone, especially to people coming from non-technical backgrounds.

What did Antonio do to achieve Core status?

These are some of his many contributions/achievements:

  • He has contributed to 100DaysOfCloudIdeas and the documentation and structure of our open-source projects.
  • He organized volunteers on his own, and moved community goals forward
  • He architected and spearheaded the development for the frontend of the new platform
  • He designed the platform's serverless backend architecture, including the progress algorithm
  • He's done Developer Advocacy for #100DaysOfCloud on various social media platforms
  • He's has had continuous active presence in the Discord
  • He's volunteered his time to help others with their cloud problems

Where I can find Antonio?

You can learn more about Antonio and follow him here:

The #100DaysofCloud Core Team is continuing to expand along with our community. We are working to create a balanced, diverse, and inclusive team. We will continue to encourage and identify members in our community who we believe meet the prerequisites we have defined. We are excited to have Antonio join us on the Core Team to help us all continue to grow!