Twitter Spaces

🚧 This page is a Work In Progress.

Here is a list of upcoming Twitter Spaces. The plan is to do 100 Twitter Spaces because why not?.

Planned Twitter Spaces

This is a list of planned twitter spaces. The order does not represent the order in which they will happen. Until they are put on the calendar, the guest speakers and topic details can change.

Infrastructure as Code

CI/CD Pipelinees

Serverless Platform as a Service eg. Serverless Cloud, AWS Amplify, Supabase

Web3 vs Cloud

Does Web3 and Cloud compliment or complete? Will there be a centralized Web3 owned by CSPs and Tech Companies?

Cloud Development Environments eg. Gitpods, Codespaces, Cloud9

Cloud Security for Beginners

Azure for Beginners

GCP for Beginners

AWS for Beginners

DevOps for Beginners

K8 for Beginners

Containers for Beginners

Serverless for Beginners

Cloud Networking for Beginners

What can we do with Minor Clouds? eg. Vultr, Digital Ocean, Linode

Linux/UNIX knowledge for Cloud

Programming Skills needed for Cloud

Cloud Certifications - Expert Questions Multi-Certification holders

Cloud Roles - What are they, want do the mean and how do I get that that title?

Burning Platforms and Digital Transformation - Predicting the future of cloud

Cloud Cost Economics - How to use the cloud and be frugal

How to be creative in the age of cloud

Public Sector for Cloud

Cloud Governance - How do mange cloud at the organizational level?

Hybrid Cloud - How do I gain hybrid experience when I don't work for an enterprise with its own datacenter?

Virtualization and Cloud - What do I need to know about VMs?

AWS vs Azure vs GCP? Which is the best for beginners or long-term careers?

Cloud Motivated

How do you stay motivated during your entire journey?

Cloud for Newcomers

How do you break into cloud when your a fresh college or university graduate?

Cloud for Latecomers

How do you break into cloud when your 30+, 40+, 50+ and beyond?

Cloud for Notechers - How do transition to cloud with no background in technology whatsoever?

Cloud Accessibility - Is cloud careers, cloud giants and cloud technology accessible?

Cloud for Teens - When's the right time to be teaching cloud? How do make it fun? How do we keep young folks interested and engaged?

Identity for Cloud - Zero Trust Model, Redefining security boundaries, the new mobile workforce, how much is too much monitor of employees of security?

Cloud Conferences

Is re:Invent, Microsoft Ignite, Google Next worth it? Do online conference work? How to get your company to pay your ticket, how to make best use of your time?

MLOps for Beginners

Do I really need to know ML? ML vs MLOps. Is it expensive to learn MLOps

Cloud Data For Beginners

Where BI meets the cloud datastores. Should I use a mix of CSPs? It is easy to become a Data Enginners, Data Anaalaytics, Data Scientist

Learning in the Open

How learning in the open will help you with your career and your cloud journey. What structured things are out there?

OpenSource fo Cloud

When to use an open-source backed ervvce

Cloud Fundamentals

Should experts learn the fundamentals? What is considered complete for cloud fundamentals?

Cloud Resumes

LinkedIn, Polywork and the old-fashion resume. what should we be doing for cloud?

Cloud Recruiters

Who are they? Should you work with them? Any other tips?

Cloud Enterprise

How do we get big companies in the cloud.


Is it multi-cloud if you are using workloads in isolate? Common multi-cloud strategy

Climbing The Company Ladder

How do you go from Tech Support Desk to Cloud Engineer?

Cloud Bootcamps

  • Who's doing them?
  • Are they work the money?
  • What is a reasonable outcome?